Ghostbusters Social Campaign
Sony  |  Motion  | Design | Animation |  2018-2019

I created the following work at This is Tommy to maintain Ghostbusters' social channels form the years 2018-2019. The work shown here were mostly done by me with initial 'looks' and style guide set up by my art directors, and final touches & approvals given by my art directors.

Design & Animation: Nivetha Kannan
Art Direction: Ty Anselmo Leyva & Bran Moats
During our team's time managing the social media for Ghostbusters, I was asked to design multiple social posts promoting Ghostbuster specials & news as well as multiple holidays over the years.
This is a series of comics I designed for a halloween series our team planned. This series' goal was to teach people how to bust their own ghosts during the spooking season. Because of this, I had fun bringing a user-manual aesthetic to the project.
I designed and animated these sticker to be released as a promotion for Ghostbusters' 35 years anniversary. On top of creating the actual stickers, I made an IG Story post showing followers how to use the stickers in their own stories.
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